レビューの他にもコミュニティサイトとしてツイッターをご活用ください。皆様の貴重なご意見・ご要望がHOLIDAY TRUNKSの成長に繋がります。

2019年4月25日よりHOLIDAY TRUNKSという名の休日専用パイルトランクスをスタート致しました。




HOLIDAY TRUNKSはお肌に優しい天然素材を主とし、とても軽くて柔らかいオリジナルで編み上げた高品質の両面パイル素材になります。 速乾性伸縮性に富み、保湿性透湿性を兼ね備え、形態安定性にも優れている機能とタフさを併せ持っています。


On April 25th 2019, we released boxer shorts made of pile fabric for your relaxing time, "HOLI TORA", commonly called "HOLIDAY TRUNKS”.

This is a new type of underwear you’ve never had before. We would like you to spend a relaxing time experiencing the wonderful feels of “HOLITORA”.

In summer holidays, you can only wear the T-shirt and HOLI TORA, and enjoy your cool and comfortable indoor life. In winter, you can wear HOLI TORA under the room clothes without stuffiness. And it makes you feel like sitting on a cushion.

HOLIDAY TRUNKS is mainly made of natural materials and the original weaving way have enabled both sides high quality pile fabric which is very light and soft.

It has excellent functions: quick-drying, stretchability, shape stability, and good quality of moisture retention and permeability.

Above all, we would be very happy if we could support your “relax & refresh” holidays.

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